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At Inner Health Solutions, our range of natural, complementary therapies help people to achieve greater health, balance and harmony in their lives. Our practitioners are skilled and experienced therapists who are members of their respective Professional Health Associations.

To hear about some of the benefits that clients have gained from treatments by practitioners at Inner Health Solutions, please browse through the testimonials below.

Remedial Massage

“I was first referred to Gerard O’Riley of Inner Health Solutions by a friend over 6 years ago. She spoke very highly of Gerard’s skills as a massage therapist and I soon discovered why. I have been receiving regular massages since and have referred others to Gerard also and they have joined the ranks of highly satisfied clients. Gerard is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist able to respond to a range of health issues and presentations. He has a respectful and empowering manner. He is very generous with sharing his expertise and recommendations for practices to assist and strengthen one’s well being and maintain progress between sessions. Gerard’s holistic orientation is evident in his approach and manner. He is very flexible and responsive to arranging appointments across a range of times and days (including at short notice). His fees are very reasonable and includes offering concessions which is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Gerard’s services and am very appreciative to have him as a health practitioner.” Deborah A (Ormond)

“Gerard at Inner Health Solutions is a true find, and one of THE BEST remedial therapists I have been to. There is nothing he cant fix. A master at head, neck, shoulders, back. I have been going to him for a couple of years now, and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Incredibly professional, very knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of his clients. Very focussed on preventative techniques, whether its suggesting exercises to stretch or strengthen, relaxation techniques or complementary types of exercise. Genuine, trustworthy and incredibly good at what he does I highly recommend him!” Carolyn McConachy

“A visit to “Inner Health Solutions” for healing physical problems such as aches and pains in various parts of the body is always beneficial. Gerard, the massage therapist, with his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of massage therapy, works wonders with multiple problems that are able to be healed with his expert massaging. My wife and I are regular patients at the clinic, and are thrilled with the benefits we enjoy from the massages.”  Jack, Bentleigh

“I recently injured my elbow playing tennis and went to Inner Health Solutions for help. This was my first experience with massage. The therapeutic massage helped me keep playing and my elbow was pain free after three sessions. The overall benefits of a regular massage have been great and I keep asking myself “Why didn’t I start this years ago?”
Jane Ortiz, Principal Coach, Ortiz Consulting Services, Melbourne, Victoria.  

 Gerard O’Riley, Principal Remedial Therapist at Inner Health Solutions, true interest in his clients and honest advice makes me highly impressed. That is the reason I recommend him as the best pain therapist I know without doubt.” Manoj Madaan, Chadstone.   

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Couples Therapy Testimonials

“We first went to see Deborah Sheehy a number of months ago. Our marriage was suffering due to an enormous amount of stress and we really didn’t know where to go or who to see but knew we needed help. I spoke to Deborah on the phone and immediately felt we found the right person for us. On the way to our first session we had a lot of emotions happening but we were soon put at ease meeting Deborah. It can be a very confronting process talking about how we got to this point and why but Deborah listens, offers fantastic support in a safe environment but most importantly without judgement. We have found our sessions to be an enormous help to us as individuals and our marriage. I’m not sure we would be writing this together today had we not had Deborah’s help”.  R & D from Glen Iris

“We came to see Deborah at a very difficult time in our relationship. We were tired of the constant fighting and escalating arguments over the years, and were considering splitting up after five years together. At the time, we felt that our marriage, and each other, were the sources of our unhappiness. We didn’t know what to do and counselling was a last attempt to save our marriage. We loved each other and thankfully sought Deborah’s help. Deborah helped us untangle the deep feelings and emotions that were getting in the way of a healthy relationship. It sounds silly now, but even though we are both highly educated, we didn’t understand at the time how our individual family histories, which included growing up in a family with domestic violence and suffering from traumatic brain injury, affected the way we interacted and how we viewed each other and our relationship. After seeing Deborah initially every week, then every fortnight or monthly, we felt that a huge weight lifted off our shoulders, and our relationship started to improve. Counselling with Deborah provided a safe space and guidance to explore our feelings and to understand each other. Five years later, we are together and feeling positive about each other and our marriage. We are even considering starting a family and feel optimistic about our future.

Counselling is not a quick and easy fix, and we have gone back to see Deborah in the last five years as we have faced new challenges in our lives. We thank Deborah immensely for her help and would recommend her to anyone facing challenges in their personal lives or relationships.” Maria and Leo, East Malvern

“When our marriage was at a crossroads, we reached out to Deborah as a final option to see if we could save it. Deborah helped us understand how our past shapes who we are individually and how we bring this to our relationships. Her calm and comforting demeanour made it easy to open up and discuss our issues. We were quite surprised by how quickly we were able to overcome the obstacles in our marriage. She gave us the tools to help guide us towards a healthier relationship and to be able to deal with life’s challenges. Thank you again Deborah, we couldn’t have done this without you.”   A & J from Oakleigh

TRTP – The Ricards Trauma Process  Testimonials

“I completed the TRTP process with Deborah about 8 months ago and I can truly say it has completely changed my life. I was facilitated to let go of life-long insecurities and a life-long phobia in only 4 sessions!

Prior to beginning the work with Deborah I was suffering with anxiety and panic episodes as well as low self-esteem and feeling depressed following a traumatic incident. TRTP had not only cleared all of those symptoms for me, but also provided me with tools to use to help me take control of my life and work towards creating the life I truly want. Doing this work coincided with the timing of me completing a masters thesis also, and I truly believe I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without doing TRTP. Not only did I get through it but I achieved a distinction, of which I am so proud.

Deborah has a very kind nature and explains things very clearly. She has empowered me to build my future on my terms and not be shackled to old traumas or conditioning, some of which I wasn’t even aware of how much it was holding me back until it was cleared. I have a renewed sense of self-worth, something I have lacked all my life. I will be forever grateful to Deborah for introducing this life-changing method to me.” Dawn, Malvern

“I was originally drawn to TRTP to just level up my life in general and improve my confidence at work. I had some awareness of tension and anxiety that I was feeling in certain times of my life that I knew were holding me back (eg. speaking up in meetings or putting forward proposals) although I was unable to logically reduce the feelings and reactions regardless of how illogical they were.

Sessions with Deborah were amazing, after following the program I was able to create mental space and clarity and found that I was no longer reacting with anxiety to previous triggers and was able to respond rather than react.

We all have traumas in our lives no matter how small, even being humiliated or embarrassed in a particular setting can lead us to subconsciously avoid or react negatively when these situations arise in our lives. It has been amazing to see the impact to my confidence in general now that I am no longer carrying these past traumas as automatic reactions. 

I would recommend TRTP sessions with Deborah to anyone who wants to improve their lives. Months after the sessions I am still seeing the benefits and levels of optimism I could not have have imagined.” J Fogarty, Bentleigh

“When I first heard about The Richards Trauma Process, I was intrigued by the process of using your imagination to heal past traumatic events. I have a fantastic imagination, but alas I didn’t feel that I had much trauma. However, I’ve had an underlying anxiety and low self-esteem for as long as I can remember and have been trying to find a way of overcoming them for most of my adult life, including meditation and counselling in the past.

I was delighted to find out that I didn’t need to have had lots of trauma as such to attend the sessions. After the first session with Deborah I couldn’t believe that the negative self-talk that had plagued me for all my life was gone! I waited a few days for it to return, but 3 months later, I really don’t miss it. Also gone is the worry, low-level anxiety including shyness and social anxiety.

I can highly recommend The Richards Trauma Process with Deborah, it has been truly transformative, I feel like I have finally found what I’ve been looking for all my life. I feel confident, happy, healthy and really like “being me”. I’m also beginning to see that I can actively create my future and not just participate and accept whatever life throws in front of me. Thank you to Deborah for really helping me transform my life.” G. John, Carnegie

When Deborah first introduced TRTP to me, two years ago, I was apprehensively curious – was it just another fad? Could it really do what it claimed it could do and in such a short time frame? And was I really ready to be without the old habitual thoughts, reactions and feelings that had become my security blanket? I had a few ‘issues’ that dated back to childhood and adolescence that kept playing out in my thoughts, feelings and actions, and while I had analysed them to death, thinking I had satisfied myself in some instances by  ‘understanding’ them, their residual effects were still jumping up and taking  control – to a point where, when I went to see Deborah this time, I was almost paralysed with fear. 

When I went looking for evidence and the ‘science’ behind the process, I mainly found testimonials – comments like ‘thanks, it’s changed my life’ etc. I watched the TRTP videos – it seemed to make sense, but then again it was the owner of the method telling me how it worked. Then I went looking at the methods that she mentioned as forming part of the TRTP process – they are real, not faddish, many of the methods having been used, tried and tested stand alone for years. What seemed unique about TRTP was the way the various methods are used together.

Deborah was most supportive and gentle all the way through this – respecting my desire to research the process, enabling me to decide in my own time if and when I was ready, answering my questions and concerns in the lead up to sessions – and helping me work through my apprehension as I did the simple pre-work task.  

The TRTP’s three sessions each passed quickly. While the sessions are longer than a standard consultation, it didn’t feel that way at all. Every session is different. Deborah reminded me how important it was to give it my all – to really immerse myself in the process in sessions, and in-between homework. After each session I walked out of the room feeling lighter, brighter, more joyful and centred. In between times, I did the listening homework diligently – it’s all tailored specifically for you, it’s not off-the-shelf stuff – and I allowed myself a little more time to be and just observe the little things, in amongst the normal work and social commitments.

While going through the TRTP process, I was consciously more picky than usual about the people I spent time with, or the activities and invitations I took up – no use putting myself in situations I didn’t want to, or have to, be in. But I certainly didn’t shut down my daily life – I was just more discerning. I also spoke with two very close friends about what I was doing and why, inviting them to watch one of the very short TRTP videos if they wanted. Having their support throughout was really helpful – although it’s not necessary to do that as you go through the process.

Some subtle and noticeable shifts in relationships with people started happening, the way I experienced their contact with me changing – some closer, those that had been draining either transforming, or seeming to move further away from my consciousness and becoming quieter in my mind. And old thoughts, feelings and reactions that used to jump up right into the middle of situations before I even knew it or could do anything to ‘control’ them, were no longer doing that. Now, if they do turn up, they are empty – they’re just thoughts, memories that pass by – they don’t seem to have energy to jump into the middle like a hand grenade anymore!

And my own energy has been re-emerging – healthier, more fun and so much more the true ‘me’. People around me even commented how much lighter and brighter I was and still am.   

I still revisit the recorded sessions every now and then, so much so that now I can, when I want, call up into my mind and sit with the best bits of the meditations and use some of the powerful tools. Especially when I feel myself slipping a bit.

I can’t believe what a subtly different world it is becoming – in the months after the TRTP process, I tackled with ease some really big things that I needed to make happen and to deal with, with a real sense of personal power and calm – a huge house renovation, health problems (which involved me suddenly dealing with my own emergency surgery, a very dear aged relative’s death in the family, my own aged mother nearly dying and going through surgery). Looking back, I’m amazed this all happened with such ease and grace! Some things – like overcoming the urge to ‘put a relationship right’ which I thought I needed to deal with – are just no longer important.

I can see that every now and then I might want to ‘top up’ and touch base. The TRTP process has marked a subtle changing point for me, and at the same time it’s given me tools that I can still use today when I feel the need.”       Di. O. Ormond

Counselling and Psychotherapy Testimonials

I was experiencing bouts of depression and the counselling services that Deborah Sheehy provided me with have helped me enormously. Deborah is very sensitive to the needs of her clients and really helped me to find and understand the thread of my own story within myself. The psychological strategies she introduced me to, including the mindfulness techniques, assisted me greatly in responding in a much healthier way to the triggers to the depression. I have come away with a better understanding of myself and a significant improvement in my symptoms which has had a positive impact in many areas of my life.”
John R, Engineer, Murrumbeena, Victoria.

“Deborah Sheehy of Inner Health Solutions has a very nurturing and gentle nature, providing a safe and relaxing atmosphere to open up in and has helped me to make important life decisions. After a number of sessions of counselling I felt I had moved out of a rut of negativity, depression and indecision and was much clearer about the direction I wanted to take in my life.”
Amy, College Student, Flemington, Victoria.   

“I have known Deborah Sheehy for many years and first met her at the Endometriosis Society that she founded in Ireland. She was the first person who understood what I was going through and in her gentle, unobtrusive way, she guided me onto the most wonderful personal journey that has enriched my life ever since. For anyone in pain, despair, grief or feeling that you cannot cope, you will be placing yourself in the hands of a genuinely caring and very experienced and professional Counsellor when you go to Deborah for therapy. I know she will enrich your life as she has enriched mine.”
Patricia Scanlan, Author, Dublin, Ireland.   Back to top 

Corporate Health & Fitness

Inner Health Solutions was invited to conduct Health Seminars on the benefits of ancient exercise practices for corporate health. The Seminars proved to be extremely successful and as a result of these, Inner Health Solutions was asked to conduct hourly Chi Gong classes on a weekly basis for employees. The classes were always well organised, structured, and extremely professional. Staff were consistently assisted and instructions were always very thorough and clear. I would not hesitate in recommending Inner Health Solutions for any future work in the corporate health arena.”
 Anna Kapentanios, Training Co-ordinator, Human Resources Dept, Remunerator (Aust) Pty Ltd, Burke Rd, Camberwell, Vic.

“Inner Health Solutions has been conducting Corporate Massages in our office for the past three years and it is something that our staff look forward to each time. Gerard O’Riley is an excellent practitioner and the staff feel at ease around him. The seated massages are very relaxing and Gerard also gives the staff valuable tips on posture along with exercises and stretches to do during the day. The staff here are all waiting for his next visit!”
Matthew Fijalkowski, Chief Information Officer, Remunerator Aust Pty Ltd.

“For the past 6 years, I have trained in a traditional martial art, under the guidance and tuition of Instructor Gerard O’Riley, Proprietor of Inner Health Solutions. Personally speaking, there are far too many benefits to mention in terms of my own personal journey, other than to say it has been one of empowerment, a vehicle for good health and a means of self expression. Gerard is a generous teacher, delivering his knowledge and instruction with great insight, compassion and most importantly to the tradition of this ancient art form.”
 Nicholas Tomaras, Premium Account Executive, Sensis Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria.       Back to top

Chi Gong

 “I trained in Chi Gong exercises with Inner Health Solutions and for the last 2 years I have practiced Chi Gong almost every day. The routine is a gentle series of movements that have substantially improved my general health and well-being. My breathing has also improved along with my endurance and muscle strength, particularly in my legs, arms and shoulders. It has greatly improved my immune system as I haven’t caught a cold or flu for the past 12 months. It is well and truly worth the effort.”  
John E. of Beaumauris, Melbourne, 71 year old retired bank manager.       Back to top

School Programs

I highly recommend Inner Health Solutions who are able to provide something a little different for the innovative Physical  Education curriculum. Their proprietor, Gerard O’Riley is a responsible, professional instructor who was able to share his interest in holistic healing with the students in a most interesting and enlightening manner. The student response to the classes was always positive and they found the information shared to be very useful in their everyday lives.” 
Ms. A. O’Shea, Head of Health & Physical Education, Loreto Mandeville Hall, Catholic School for Girls, Toorak, Victoria.

“What has impressed me most about the type of massage that Inner Health Solutions does is that, although based on a tradition and ancient art, it is most relevant to our students. The massage is conducted with students fully clothed, sitting on a chair, a position they find themselves in for the majority of the school day. Because of this, the students are learning techniques that allow them to relax, both physically and mentally, and relieve the stress associated  with long periods of sitting. These are practices and techniques the students will be able to carry with them for the remainder of their lives.” 
Mr. M. Nelson, Head of Physical Education, Methodist Ladies’ College, Kew, Melbourne, Victoria.

St. Michael’s Grammar is a co-educational, Anglican School, inner city, Melbourne. We strive to be innovative and creative and to challenge young minds. The key values of diversity, innovation, individuality, inclusivity and uniqueness, are instilled in our curriculum and they are values which set us apart. Gerard O’Riley of Inner Health Solutions has been working with us for two years on the Massage Component of our Year 10 Physical Education Unit which meets all of these values and has been one of the most beneficial and rewarding additions to our Physical Education Program. Gerard provides a safe and calm environment in which the students enjoy this unique lesson. The success of the program is its diverse nature as well as its delivery. In addition to our Year 10 Program we have also used Gerard’s Inner Health Solutions Massage services on Staff Work Days. he has provided much needed seated massage for our staff! I have no hesitation in recommending Gerard and his teaching services to support any aspect of schools Physical Education & Health Program.”
Ms. Emma Jackowski, Head of Health & Physical Education, St Michal’s Grammar School, Chapel Street, St Kilda, Victoria.

Gerard O’Rileyof Inner Health Solutions began to teach Traditional Martial Arts here at Geelong Grammer School because he had inspired one year eleven student in the art who asked if we could start the activity here. When it started there were about three devotees and each term this number grew. For term three, there were 15 students keen to continue in the art  form. I have been impressed with Gerard’s patience and enthusiasm for what he does and he seems to instill an air of calm to some of our troubled students.” 
Mr. E. Vahl Meyer, Teacher of  “Activities”, Geelong Grammer School, Geelong, Victoria.       Back to top

Women’s Health

“I have participated in one of Inner Health Solutions’ healing groups for women with reproductive issues for the past two years and found it to be a place where I could talk openly about my experiences and feel completely understood. Deborah’s clinical knowledge of the female cycle, combined with her understanding of complementary therapies provides an environment where female issues can be shared with emotional support, guidance and advice. Deborah carefully prepares the therapy space and the stresses of the day start to fade as soon as you walk in the the treatment room. As a very busy teacher and practicing artist, I found the group to be an oasis for me in the midst of a world that doesn’t stop just because you are having a difficult period! The group also provided wonderful emotional connections with other women who were having similar issues.”
J. Lombardo, Secondary School Teacher and Artist, Richmond, Victoria.

“Since being diagnosed with Endometriosis 3 years ago, the combination of personal and group counselling at Inner Health Solutions has been a key element in my healing process. I feel that working with Deborah through the sessions has greatly benefitted me physically, emotionally and mentally, but most of all it has helped me to better understand the connection between the mind and the body and through this understanding I have begun to heal myself. I found through the counselling that having an impartial and compassionate person to talk to, especially at the times when I felt like giving up and self destructing, helped me to release negative energy and focus on the way forward. I highly recommend these treatments to anyone dealing with illness, stress and/or emotional trauma, as I have gained immense help and healing from them.” 
A. Roy, Designer, Auburn, Victoria.

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