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Counselling and Psychotherapy

At Inner Health Solutions we offer counselling and psychotherapy to men and women in the areas of:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety & Stress
    • Relationship Counselling
    • Marriage and Couples Therapy  
    • Parenting
    • Grief and Loss 
    • Trauma and Abuse
    • Chronic and Terminal Illness
    • Work and Career Issues/Coaching
    • Personal growth and Life Transitions
      • Women’s Health 
    • Infertility, Endometriosis, IVF, Adoption, Post Natal Depression 

    At Inner Health Solutions, for your health and safety, and as a requirement of the Victorian Government, we have implemented a Covid-19 Safe plan to prevent the introduction of the virus to our clinic. Full details of the Plan are on our Home Page.

    Counselling, Psyhotherapy and Couples Therapy sessions are currently only available online via Zoom which is an effective and fully confidental method (alternatively sessions can be conducted by telephone if preferred). In-person sessions are not currently available. We will keep you posted on when in-person sessions will resume.

    • We request that anyone who is currently unwell or experiencing symptoms of a cold, flu, cough or temperature (even mild symptoms), to change your session to an online one and delay attending in person until you have medical clearance. 
    • Anyone who has been in contact with someone else who has been unwell with a cold, flu, cough or temperature or who has visited any Covid Hotspots, please do not attend in person until you have medical clearance. Instead change your counselling appointment to an online one.
    • Clients and therapists are currently mandated to wear medical masks
    • We request clients to use the hand sanitisers provided upon entering and leaving the practice
    • Clients are required to sign-in to our Business QR register with your mobile phone upon arrival 
    • We recommend you bring your own water bottle, notepad and pen to the session
    • We are regularly sanitsing door handles, eftpos machines and chairs in between sessions
    • We endeavour to leave a gap of at least 15 minutes between clients which reduces the likelihood of you being in contact with anyone other than your therapist at the clinic and allows time to sanitise in between sessions
    • The space between where the Counsellor (Deborah) sits and the client sits has been increased to a distance of 2 metres
    • If Deborah (or the other therapist Gerard) are exhibiting respiratory symtpoms, the clinic will be closed until medical clearance is obtained

    We thank you for helping us maintain a safe & healthy environment

    Counselling, Psychotherapy and Couple’s Therapy

    We all face difficulties and challenging times throughout our lives and we all deal with these events differently.

    The stress of work, family, relationships, ill-health, even the loss of someone close or the sense that our life is not going in the direction we want, can lead to feelings that affect our general sense of well being and normal everyday lives.

    Does this sound like you?

    If you are facing difficulties, skilled counselling and psychotherapy services provided by our Counsellor Deborah Sheehy can help you resolve your problems, achieve personal growth and enhance your emotional and physical well being.

    Talk to someone who listens…

    Counselling may be brief and focused on finding solutions to particular problems along with learning new ways to overcome personal difficulties, or, if you choose, it may be a more extended exploration where you discover inner resources which help you move forward in life.

    Psychotherapy is often a longer-term process that focuses on deeper self-exploration, issues of personal meaning and the impact of past events and trauma. You gain a deeper level of self-understanding with assistance to overcome persistent or recurring difficulties in your life.

    Couples Therapy – we specialise in The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy (see details below)

    Trauma Therapy – we specialise in TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process (see details below)

    The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy

    is an evidence based approach based on over 45 years of research and practice by Doctors John and Julie Gottman in America. The process includes a thorough assessment of the couple relationship and integrates research-based interventions specific to the needs of each particular couple. It is considered one of the top effective therapeutic approaches for supporting couples. There are three phases with the Gottman Method, the Assessment, Treatment and Outcome-Evaluation Phase:

    Assessment Phase

    Initially, Deborah meets with both partners together for one session to assess your relationship, your history together and your presenting issues.

    Either before or directly after this session, couples are asked to complete an online Gottman Relationship Checkup Questionnaire which pinpoints specific areas of need within the relationship and provides Deborah with a wealth of information in understanding the areas that are required to focus on for your unique relationship along with allowing her to fast-track your therapy. After this has been completed, Deborah then meets with both partners separately for one individual session each, this helps her to understand each partner’s individual needs and perspectives.

    In the final part of the assessment process, Deborah meets with both partners together again for a Feedback session which includes a discussion about the results of the on-line Questionnaire along with a treatment plan designed for you where the best options available to assist you to achieve your relationship goals are discussed.

    Therapeutic/Treatment Phase

    The therapeutic part of the process then commences where we begin implementing the treatment plan that has been tailored for you and your partner to address the specific issues within your relationship which can include addressing areas such as: Conflict Management; Strengthening Friendship; Deepening Intimacy; Building Relationship Resilience; Building and Maintaining Connection; Creating Shared Meaning and Enhancing Passion and Romance etc.

    It is recommended for best outcomes that in early part of Gottman Therapy that the sessions are closer together (weekly if possible). At the early stages, longer sessions of 75 or 90 minutes are also recommended. Once things are improving for the couple and they are starting to implement the processes well at home, then there are longer gaps between sessions until the sessions are phased out.  

    Research from the Gottman Institute shows that the average number of sessions (after the Assessment phase) is about 15. However, depending on the level of support that is required to get the relationship back on track, it can be as little as 8 sessions or up to 20 where there is a lot of complexity or repair needed.

    Outcome-Evaluaton Phase

    In the later stages of therapy, we will “phase out” or meet less frequently in order for you to test out new relationship skills and to prepare for termination of therapy. In the outcome-evaluation phase, four follow-up sessions are recommended: one after six months, one after twelve months, one after eighteen months, and one after two years. These sessions have been demonstrated through research to significantly reduce the chance of relapse into previous, unhelpful patterns and is an opportunity to fine tune any of your relationship skills if needed, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy received. 

    For further information on the Gottman Method Process, here is a link to the Gottman website

    It is also recommend that couples get their book: “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work”. 

    The Richards Trauma Process

    Deborah also specialises in The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). TRTP is a dynamic step by step process involving guided self reflection and focussed concentration (similar to hypnosis) that is safe, quick (3 to 4 double sessions) and effective at helping to heal past distressing events, trauma and their related symptoms such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress and PTSD.

    The imprints of residual emotional charges and thought patterns associated with past distressing events and experiences can often be difficult for people to shift. These imprints often sabotage our best efforts to change our behaviours and live a more fulfilling life. With TRTP, unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs (often unconscious) as well as the emotional pain connected to difficult past experiences are released and transformed in a gentle and empowering way. There is also no re-traumatising as the process is done without having to go back into the details of past distressing events.

    People often experience a new freedom within themselves from their past emotional pain, associated symptoms and unconsious core beliefs that enables them to step into their own strength, power and wisdom, to embrace the genuine and authentic person that they are and to move forward confidently and positively in their lives. For more information on TRTP see:

    We’re here to help

    Our Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Deborah Sheehy, has over 18 years experience and holds a first class Honours degree in both Counselling and Psychotherapy. She has additional specialised qualifications in Couple’s Counselling (Level 3 trained in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy) and in trauma therapy – she is a certified Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) Practitioner. After completing Level 3 Training in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy in 2018, Deborah is currently undertaking full Certification with the Gottman Institute and is a “Gottman Relationship Checkup” verified member. The Gottman Method is a world renowned evidence based model for effective Couple’s Therapy. Deborah also specialises in Women’s Health issues including Endometriosis. She co-founded the Endometriosis Association of Ireland in 1987 and conducted the first ever research paper on the physical and psychological impact of the disorder on women in Ireland in 2001.

    Deborah is a Professional Clinical Member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and works in accordance with their ethical guidelines. She is also a Member of the College of Counselling and the College of Relationship Counselling. You can find our more about PACFA by visiting their website on

    Deborah has extensive training and practice in person centred, psychodynamic, relationship counselling and mindfulness therapies. She creates a safe, caring, non-judgemental space in which to explore challenges and help people to achieve positive outcomes. Her approach is integrative with a mindfulness focus and draws on a range of evidence based therapies tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals.

    As a registered Counsellor, Medicare Rebates are not available for Deborah’s services. Currently they only apply to Psychologists offering Individual Counselling once you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder by a GP and this is noted on your records. Medicare Rebates are not available for Couple’s Therapy with either Counsellors or Psychologists.

    The following Private Health Insurance Rebates are available for Deborah’s services:

    Bupa – Extras Cover under “Mental Health, Counselling”

    Medibank Private – Extras Cover under “Mental Health Support”

    AHM – Extras Cover under “Psychology and Counselling”

    Police Health – Extras Cover under “Mental Health, Counselling”

    Emergency Services Health – Extras Cover under “Mental Health, Counselling”

    St. Luke’s Health – Extras Cover under “Mental Health, Counselling”

    Phoenix Health Fund – Extras Cover under “Mindful Wellbeing, Counselling “

    Deborah allows space in between each of her sessions so she can be fully present with you and to ensure you receive a fulll hour’s counselling, instead of the standard 50 minutes.

    Please note that after hours appointments generally book up about 8 weeks in advance and daytime appointments approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

    Counselling/Psychotherapy Services are available on the following days

    Mondays:                                                          2pm to 7pm

    Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays:      10am to 8pm

    Counselling/Psychotherapy Fees:

    Hourly Consultation Fees:                             

    Individuals:               $160    

    Couples Therapy:     $185 

    The Richards Trauma Process:  $1,200 for the TRTP Progam of 3 double 2 hour sessions (i.e. $200 per hour, which includes the additional work Deborah does outside of the actual sessions themselves).

    Extended sessions as well as Gottman Method Marathons (2 days) and Mini-Marathons (one day or a half day) are also available for Couples Therapy if required (please call to enquire about the fees for Marathon Therapy). 

    24 hours notice is required if an appointment needs to be cancelled, otherwise there is a cancellation fee of $60. A reminder text is sent.  

    At Inner Health Solutions, all counselling sessions are conducted in a confidential, respectful and supportive environment.


    Couples Therapy Testimonials

    “We came to see Deborah at a very difficult time in our relationship. We were tired of the constant fighting and escalating arguments over the years, and were considering splitting up after five years together. At the time, we felt that our marriage, and each other, were the sources of our unhappiness. We didn’t know what to do and counselling was a last attempt to save our marriage. We loved each other and thankfully sought Deborah’s help. Deborah helped us untangle the deep feelings and emotions that were getting in the way of a healthy relationship. It sounds silly now, but even though we are both highly educated, we didn’t understand at the time how our individual family histories, which included growing up in a family with domestic violence and suffering from traumatic brain injury, affected the way we interacted and how we viewed each other and our relationship. After seeing Deborah initially every week, then every fortnight or monthly, we felt that a huge weight lifted off our shoulders, and our relationship started to improve. Counselling with Deborah provided a safe space and guidance to explore our feelings and to understand each other. Five years later, we are together and feeling positive about each other and our marriage. We are even considering starting a family and feel optimistic about our future.

    Counselling is not a quick and easy fix, and we have gone back to see Deborah in the last five years as we have faced new challenges in our lives. We thank Deborah immensely for her help and would recommend her to anyone facing challenges in their personal lives or relationships.”

    Maria and Leo, East Malvern

    “We first went to see Deborah Sheehy a number of months ago when our marriage was suffering due to an enormous amount of stress and we really didn’t know where to go or who to see but knew we needed help. I spoke to Deborah on the phone and immediately felt we found the right person for us. On the way to our first session we had a lot of emotions happening but we were soon put at ease meeting Deborah. It can be a very confronting process talking about how we got to this point and why but Deborah listens, offers fantastic support in a safe environment but most importantly without judgement. We have found our sessions to be an enormous help to us as individuals and our marriage. I’m not sure we would be writing this together today had we not had Deborah’s help.”       R & D, Glen Iris

    “When our marriage was at a crossroads, we reached out to Deborah as a final option to see if we could save it. Deborah helped us understand how our past shapes who are are individually and how we bring this to our relationships. Her calm and comforting demeanour made it easy to open up and discuss our issues. We were quite surprised how quickly we were able to overcome the obstacles in our marriage. She gave us the tools to help guide us towards a healthier relationship and to be able to deal with life’s challenges. Thank you again Deborah, we couldn’t have done this without you.”

    A & J, Oakleigh

    The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) Testimonials

    “I completed the TRTP process with Deborah about 8 months ago and I can truly say it has completely changed my life. I was facilitated to let go of life-long insecurities and a life-long phobia in only 4 sessions!

    Prior to beginning the work with Deborah I was suffering with anxiety and panic episodes as well as low self-esteem and feeling depressed following a traumatic incident. TRTP had not only cleared all of those symptoms for me, but also provided me with tools to use to help me take control of my life and work towards creating the life I truly want. Doing this work coincided with the timing of me completing a masters thesis also, and I truly believe I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without doing TRTP. Not only did I get through it but I achieved a distinction, of which I am so proud.

    Deborah has a very kind nature and explains things very clearly. She has empowered me to build my future on my terms and not be shackled to old traumas or conditioning, some of which I wasn’t even aware of how much it was holding me back until it was cleared. I have a renewed sense of self-worth, something I have lacked all my life. I will be forever grateful to Deborah for introducing this life-changing method to me.”

    Dawn, Malvern

    “When Deborah first introduced TRTP to me, two years ago, I was apprehensively curious – was it just another fad? Could it really do what it claimed it could do and in such a short time frame? And was I really ready to be without the old habitual thoughts, reactions and feelings that had become my security blanket? I had a few ‘issues’ that dated back to childhood and adolescence that kept playing out in my thoughts, feelings and actions, and while I had analysed them to death, thinking I had satisfied myself in some instances by  ‘understanding’ them, their residual effects were still jumping up and taking  control – to a point where, when I went to see Deborah this time, I was almost paralysed with fear. 

    When I went looking for evidence and the ‘science’ behind the process, I mainly found testimonials – comments like ‘thanks, it’s changed my life’ etc. I watched the TRTP videos – it seemed to make sense, but then again it was the owner of the method telling me how it worked. Then I went looking at the methods that she mentioned as forming part of the TRTP process – they are real, not faddish, many of the methods having been used, tried and tested stand alone for years. What seemed unique about TRTP was the way the various methods are used together.

    Deborah was most supportive and gentle all the way through this – respecting my desire to research the process, enabling me to decide in my own time if and when I was ready, answering my questions and concerns in the lead up to sessions – and helping me work through my apprehension as I did the simple pre-work task.  

    The TRTP’s three sessions each passed quickly. While the sessions are longer than a standard consultation, it didn’t feel that way at all. Every session is different. Deborah reminded me how important it was to give it my all – to really immerse myself in the process in sessions, and in-between homework. After each session I walked out of the room feeling lighter, brighter, more joyful and centred. In between times, I did the listening homework diligently – it’s all tailored specifically for you, it’s not off-the-shelf stuff – and I allowed myself a little more time to be and just observe the little things, in amongst the normal work and social commitments.

    While going through the TRTP process, I was consciously more picky than usual about the people I spent time with, or the activities and invitations I took up – no use putting myself in situations I didn’t want to, or have to, be in. But I certainly didn’t shut down my daily life – I was just more discerning. I also spoke with two very close friends about what I was doing and why, inviting them to watch one of the very short TRTP videos if they wanted. Having their support throughout was really helpful – although it’s not necessary to do that as you go through the process.

    Some subtle and noticeable shifts in relationships with people started happening, the way I experienced their contact with me changing – some closer, those that had been draining either transforming, or seeming to move further away from my consciousness and becoming quieter in my mind. And old thoughts, feelings and reactions that used to jump up right into the middle of situations before I even knew it or could do anything to ‘control’ them, were no longer doing that. Now, if they do turn up, they are empty – they’re just thoughts, memories that pass by – they don’t seem to have energy to jump into the middle like a hand grenade anymore!

    And my own energy has been re-emerging – healthier, more fun and so much more the true ‘me’. People around me even commented how much lighter and brighter I was and still am.   

    I still revisit the recorded sessions every now and then, so much so that now I can, when I want, call up into my mind and sit with the best bits of the meditations and use some of the powerful tools. Especially when I feel myself slipping a bit.

    I can’t believe what a subtly different world it is becoming – in the months after the TRTP process, I tackled with ease some really big things that I needed to make happen and to deal with, with a real sense of personal power and calm – a huge house renovation, health problems (which involved me suddenly dealing with my own emergency surgery, a very dear aged relative’s death in the family, my own aged mother nearly dying and going through surgery). Looking back, I’m amazed this all happened with such ease and grace! Some things – like overcoming the urge to ‘put a relationship right’ which I thought I needed to deal with – are just no longer important.

    I can see that every now and then I might want to ‘top up’ and touch base. The TRTP process has marked a subtle changing point for me, and at the same time it’s given me tools that I can still use today when I feel the need.”       Di. O. Ormond

    “When I first heard about The Richards Trauma Process, I was intrigued by the process of using your imagination to heal past traumatic events. I have a fantastic imagination, but alas I didn’t feel that I had much trauma. However, I’ve had an underlying anxiety and low self-esteem for as long as I can remember and have been trying to find a way of overcoming them for most of my adult life, including meditation and counselling in the past.

    I was delighted to find out that I didn’t need to have had lots of trauma as such to attend the sessions. After the first session with Deborah I couldn’t believe that the negative self-talk that had plagued me for all my life was gone! I waited a few days for it to return, but 3 months later, I really don’t miss it. Also gone is the worry, low-level anxiety including shyness and social anxiety.

    I can highly recommend The Richards Trauma Process with Deborah, it has been truly transformative, I feel like I have finally found what I’ve been looking for all my life. I feel confident, happy, healthy and really like “being me”. I’m also beginning to see that I can actively create my future and not just participate and accept whatever life throws in front of me. Thank you to Deborah for really helping me transform my life.”

    G. John, Carnegie

    “I was originally drawn to TRTP to just level up my life in general and improve my confidence at work. I had some awareness of tension and anxiety that I was feeling in certain times of my life that I knew were holding me back (eg. speaking up in meetings or putting forward proposals) although I was unable to logically reduce the feelings and reactions regardless of how illogical they were.

    Sessions with Deborah were amazing, after following the program I was able to create mental space and clarity and found that I was no longer reacting with anxiety to previous triggers and was able to respond rather than react.

    We all have traumas in our lives no matter how small, even being humiliated or embarrassed in a particular setting can lead us to subconsciously avoid or react negatively when these situations arise in our lives. It has been amazing to see the impact to my confidence in general now that I am no longer carrying these past traumas as automatic reactions. 

    I would recommend TRTP sessions with Deborah to anyone who wants to improve their lives. Months after the sessions I am still seeing the benefits and levels of optimism I could not have have imagined.”

    J Fogarty, Bentleigh

    Counselling and Psychotherapy Testimonals

    “Deborah Sheehy of Inner Health Solutions has a very nurturing and gentle nature, providing a safe and relaxing atmosphere to open up in and has helped me to make important life decisions. After a number of sessions I felt I had moved out of a rut of negativity, depression and indecision and was much clearer about the direction I wanted to take in my life.”

    Amy, Flemington, Victoria

     “I was experiencing bouts of depression and the counselling services that Deborah Sheehy provided me with have helped me enormously. Deborah is very sensitive to the needs of her clients and really helped me to find and understand the thread of my own story within myself. The psychological strategies she introduced me to, including the mindfulness techniques, assisted me greatly in responding in a much healthier way to the triggers to the depression. I have come away with a better understanding of myself and a significant improvement in my symptoms which has had a positive impact in many areas of my life.”

     John, Murrumbeena, Victoria

    Consultation Fees:    Counselling & Psychotherapy:          $160 per hour                                                 

                                         Couples/Relationship Counselling:   $185 per hour

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