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Corporate Self Defence/Traditional Martial Arts

Leave stress behind…

At Inner Health Solutions we introduce employees to the dynamic movements of traditional martial arts while demonstrating their practical applications in self-defence situations.

Employees learn a range of effective self-defence techniques including strking and blocking (foot and hand), grappling and holds as well as how to negotiate and protect themselves in potentially harmful situations.

The unique form of self defence taught by Inner Health Solutions is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and helps strengthen the chi (or energy flow) in the main channels/meridians and vital organs in the body. Practicing this martial art helps to alleviate stress and bring a balance that leaves us feeling rejuvenated, energised and able to live in a more balanced and enjoyable manner.

The dynamic aspect of these exercises help people to develop the necessary skills to negotiate difficult, high pressure situations and heightened emotional states, skillfully and mindfully to affect the best possible outcome for all involved. It is one of the best ways to achieve good health, both physically and emotionally, while learning practical self defense techniques.

If your employees like a challenge, then this dynamic healing martial art is ideal.

Classes are fun and interactive and help employees discover simple, yet effective ways of dealing with conflict and stressful situations. They help increase self-confidence, mindfulness and awareness and improve co-ordination, emotional intelligence and physical health.

 “For the past 6 years, I have trained in a Traditional Chinese healing martial art, under the guidance and tuition of head instructor Gerard O’Riley, (Proprietor of Inner Health Solutions). Personally speaking, there are far too many benefits to mention in terms of my own personal journey, other than to say it has been one of empowerment, a vehicle for good health and a means of self expression. Gerard is a generous teacher, delivering his knowledge and instruction with great insight, compassion and most importantly to the tradition of this ancient art form.”

 Nicholas Tomaras, Premium Account Executive, Sensis Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Victoria.


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