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Martial Arts/Self Defence

These classes provide an opportunity for students to improve their fitness levels, increase self-confidence and awareness and improve co-ordination and physical health.

They also offer students helpful, practical self defence tools and techniques.

The unique aspect of our traditional martial art form (similar to Hung Gar Kung Fu) is that it is based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine and designed to strengthen the chi (or energy flow) in the body’s 14 major meridian channels and vital organs. This ancient art form’s philosophy helps students to develop mindfulness, awareness, compassion and dignity and enhance emotional well-being.

If your students like a challenge, then this dynamic healing marital art is ideal

Students learn a range of effective techniques that are designed to:

  • Heal and Strengthen Chi or Vital Energy
  • Improve Health and Fitness
  • Develop Mindfulness & Awareness
  • Learn Self-Defense Techniques
  • Relieve Stress & Fatigue
  • Increase Confidence
  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence & Wellbeing
  • Build up the Immune System

All classes help alleviate stress and tension whilst increasing fitness.

 Gerard O’Riley of Inner Health Solutions began to teach Traditional Martial Arts here at Geelong Grammer School because he had inspired one year eleven student in the art who asked if we could start the activity here. When it started there were about three devotees and each term this number grew. For term three, there were 15 students keen to continue in the practice of this art form. I have been impressed with Gerard’s patience and enthusiasm for what he does and he seems to instill an air of calm to some of our troubled students.”

 Mr. E. Vahl Meyer, Teacher of  “Activities”, Geelong Grammer School, Geelong, Victoria.

 “I began studying Traditional Martial Arts with Gerard O’Riley (of Inner Health Solutions), as a student at Geelong Grammer School. When I moved to Melbourne to attend college, I continued my studies of this art form with Gerard. As a student of over four years, I have found it has helped me to develop more of an understanding and awareness of myself and the world around me. Gerard is a highly skilled practitioner and inspiring teacher, and through the practice of this art form I have become aware of a clarity and peace of mind, while simultaneously awakening a passion and vitality that has filtrated through all areas of my life.”

 Alex Clarke, College Student and Design Artist, Malvern, Victoria.

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