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Seated Massage Techniques

Help create a caring work environment

We introduce employees to self-help massage techniques in a seated chair position focusing on the head, neck, back and shoulders area.
Employees are taught specific seated chair massage techniques to practice on each other that are easy to learn and that can help to:
  • Alleviate stress
  • Remove tension
  • Limit head-aches
  • Improve circulation and concentration
  • Reduce fatigue
The massage practices and techniques learned
are something employees can utilise in their everyday lives
both in their work and home environments

Employees will learn

  • The purpose and benefits of massage
  • The variety and range of massage modalities available
  • Common muscles which cause pain
  • Specific techniques designed to alleviate stress and pain
  • Particular acupressure points and their function in alleviating stress and related illnesses
  • The concept of Chi (energy flow in the body)
  • A variety of massage techniques that alleviate stress, reduce the symptoms of headache and fatigue, and help to restore circulation

Extra benefits include

  • A 20 minute seated massage routine that can be practiced anywhere and on anyone
  • Techniques which help alleviate stress related to long periods of sitting
  • How to care for others
  • Character building and inter-personal skills

Seated Massage Technique Sessions are enjoyable, stimulating, engaging and interactive.

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