Fees, Rebates & Opening Hours
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Fees, Rebates & Opening Hours:

At Inner Health Solutions, all counselling sessions are conducted in a confidential, respectful and supportive environment. Deborah allows space in between each of her sessions so she can be fully present with you and to ensure you receive a full hour’s counselling, instead of the standard 50 minutes.

Deborah is currently conducting all her Counselling sessions online.

Please note there is a wait of approximately 3 to 6 weeks for a daytime appointment. After hours appointments are fully booked and are currently only available to existing clients.

Counselling/Psychotherapy Services are available on the following days

Mondays: 2pm to 7pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 10am to 7pm

Hourly Consultation Fees:

Individuals: $160

Couples Therapy: $210

Extended sessions for Couples Therapy are also available and strongly recommended early in the therapy process.

Couples Therapy for 75 minutes: $250

Couples Therapy for 90 minutes: $290

Couples Therapy Marathons are also available. Please enquire about fees for:

Half Day Couples Marathon, Full Day Couples Marathon, Two Day Couples Marathon.

The Richards Trauma Process: $1,200 for the TRTP Progam of 3 double 2 hour sessions (i.e. $200 per hour, which includes the additional work therapist conducts outside of the actual sessions themselves).

24 hours notice is required if a general appointment needs to be cancelled (excluding Couple Therapy Marathons where 2 weeks notice of cancellation is required), otherwise there is a cancellation fee of $80. A reminder text is sent.

As a registered Counsellor, Medicare Rebates are not available for Deborah’s services. Currently they only apply to Psychologists offering Individual Counselling once you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder by a GP and this is noted on your records. Medicare Rebates are not available for Couple’s Therapy with either Counsellors or Psychologists.

The following Private Health Insurance Rebates are available for Deborah’s services:

Bupa – Extras Cover under “Mental Health, Counselling”

Medibank Private – Extras Cover under “Mental Health Support”

AHM – Extras Cover under “Psychology and Counselling”

Police Health – Extras Cover under “Mental Health, Counselling”

Emergency Services Health – Extras Cover under “Mental Health, Counselling”

St. Luke’s Health – Extras Cover under “Mental Health, Counselling”

Phoenix Health Fund – Extras Cover under “Mindful Wellbeing, Counselling “

For more information and booking details, please telephone us on 9505 6274.

IMPORTANT: Due to current Covid-19 Restrictions in Melbourne, the clinic is currently closed for massage services. All Counselling services are taking place online.

When we re-open, if you have any cold, flu, fever or respiratory symptoms, no matter how mild; or if you have been in direct contact with someone else who has these symptoms; or of if you have attended any Covid-19 Hotspots; please DO NOT ATTEND the Inner Health Solutions practice until you have received medical clearance. As part of our Covid Safe Plan clients are currently mandated to wear masks, as are therapists, to check-in to our QR system & to use the hand sanitisers provided. All Counselling services are currently taking place online.

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