Mindfulness & Meditation
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Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation

If you suffer from stress, meditation can help.

The practices of Mindfulness and Meditation have been scientifically proven to alleviate stress, strengthen the body’s immune system, and help to restore and maintain mental and physical health.

Relax and feel the benefits

Through meditation you can also regain a sense of your inner peaceful nature, which is often lost in the busyness of everyday life.

At Inner Health Solutions, we specialise in teaching people the fundamental practices of Mindfulness and Meditation that help to relax the body and calm the mind. These techniques help to identify and let go of both physical and mental stress, increase self-awareness and promote a positive and optimistic outlook.

The meditation techniques are introduced and explained in a relaxed and welcoming environment, are easy to learn and have a practical day to day application. Notes and recordings of different Mindfulness techniques are included as part of the training.

We invite you to experience the many benefits by bringing the practice of this art form into your life.

We offer Individual Classes of one hour duration as well as personal Courses in Mindfulness and Meditation

Due to Covid-19 Restrictions, we are no longer running Group classes.

For more information and booking details, please telephone us on 9505 6274.

IMPORTANT: Due to current Covid-19 Restrictions in Melbourne, the clinic is currently closed for massage services. All Counselling services are taking place online.

When we re-open, if you have any cold, flu, fever or respiratory symptoms, no matter how mild; or if you have been in direct contact with someone else who has these symptoms; or of if you have attended any Covid-19 Hotspots; please DO NOT ATTEND the Inner Health Solutions practice until you have received medical clearance. As part of our Covid Safe Plan clients are currently mandated to wear masks, as are therapists, to check-in to our QR system & to use the hand sanitisers provided. All Counselling services are currently taking place online.

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